How to store vanilla

The quality of the pods will improve with time but it is important to store them correctly.
The pods can last up to 3 years if stored correctly.

For better results follow these few steps:
– Always keep your pods in a dark, dry place. The ideal temperature will be between 15 and 20 degrees centigrade.
– Wrap them in a cling film or a zip bag and place them in an airtight container or jar, with as little air as possible. Check them regularly.

If you have a vacuum packer this will be the best option.
– Vanilla needs airing. Allow them to breath for 15 minutes every 2-3 months. Re-wrap them after airing.
– We do not recommend storing vanilla pods in the refrigerator or the freezer.

IMPORTANT: How to recognize the difference between crystallization and mould?

If your vanilla pods appear to contain “frost”, do not mistake this as mould or fungus.
A white covering of vanillin crystals can be often visible on pods. Crystallization indicates a high content in natural vanillin which means good quality.

If you are uncertain whether is crystal or mould, there are 2 ways to recognize it:

– By smelling the pod, if a rotten odour clears up then the pod is contaminated and should be discarded to prevent the mould spreading to other pods.
– By holding the pods under sunlight, the crystal should reflect a rainbow colour whereas mould will not.
If mould is detected, throw the pod away immediately.