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Madagascan Vanilla

Our vanilla pods are finely selected and imported from local farms in Madagascar. Best known as Bourbon vanilla, our pods are dark, supple, rich in aroma. Our beautiful Madagascan vanilla pods are delicately hand-picked. We only select the best pods so you can be sure that the product you get from us will always be of the highest quality. If stored correctly, our high-quality vanilla pods can be stored for up to 3 years. We stock gourmet grade 13-16cm and premium pods that are around 16-20cm. We provide the best vanilla online and deliver throughout the UK and Europe.

100% Natural

All products are sourced directly from the producer. We don’t purchase from middlemen. This allows us to guarantee the best quality at the best price. We are UK importers and all our products are 100% natural. Our vanilla pods are 100% natural. Enjoy the vanillin overtones and the creamy taste. Vanilla Vaza has the best pods for sale online, look no further than our products. Our Madagascan vanilla powder is made as naturally as possible. Vanilla beans are dried and ground into a fine powder. Due to this process the powder is super potent, far more potent that vanilla extract, so use it sparingly!

Ideal for cooking

At Vanilla Vaza, we believe our vanilla will satisfy professionals and amateur chefs. It will enhance your dish and bring happiness at your table. Our Madagascan vanilla powder and pods are so versatile. Our top-quality Madagascan vanilla pods can be used in multiple ways. Vanilla is an extremely versatile flavouring. It can be used in a more traditional way in desserts such as Panna Cotta or Crème brûlée. Vanilla can also be used in different more unusual ways but still producing amazing results, for example Beef fillet steak with vanilla bean hollandaise sauce. All of our great vanilla pods and powder recipes can be found on the website. Give them a try and get in contact and tell us how it was!


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