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Pumpkin Compote


2 kg pumpkin
2 ½ l water
1 kg granulated sugar
2 cinnamon sticks
1 ½ vanilla pods
1 lemon
2 oranges
Wine vinegar

Peeled pumpkin cut into quarters, gouge out all seeds and soft parts of flesh cut on small pieces about 2×1 cm width. All pieces of pumpkin place into big bowl and cover with vinegar pickle: water to vinegar 1:1. Leave it rest for 24 hours.

Second day in saucepan bring water to simmer with sugar, cinnamon, vanilla pod with scraped seeds and cinnamon stick just for few minutes until sugar dissolves. Meanwhile drain pumpkin from last night pickle and add hot sugar water, boil until pumpkin become glossy about 10 minutes, then take it on side.

Add sliced lemon and juice from 2 oranges into the sugar water and simmer for next few minutes.

Start placing cold pieces of pumpkin to the clean preserving jars, then cover pumpkin with sugar water nearly to the top.

Close jars with appropriate lid in standard way. Preserve for 10 minutes on 95 degrees C.

Notes: This recipe can be used for preserving also for straight use on the same day.